Our History of Angels

Angel girl lookingAngels, angelic beings, Gods messengers, guardians or spirits beings from the higher realms, mythological or real. However you perceive them throughout our history across nearly all religions and cultures we have always held them in high regard as the sacred ones, holy, just and mighty next to God the source of all love and light, the truth and the direction we inspire to ascend too.

Angels have been deeply embedded in our hearts and minds for thousands of years; the thought alone provokes the same reaction across the world in all faiths. We simply look up to the sky as if instinctively knowing from where they came from.

They have been depicted throughout our history and in ancient texts from the Bible, Quran, Judaism, and ancient Persia. Angels also have been immortalised in paintings and sculptures from the majestic arts of the renaissance period, Rome, Greece, Egypt and all the way back to even our first recorded civilizations like Babylon and the Sumerians. It could easily be perceived that they are immortal compared to us, as one civilization reigns for approximately 3000 years or more, only to end and leave a mystical legend of mythology, grand architectures and artworks for the next generation to try and decipher or just be bewildered by its majestic and divine grandeur.

Then another civilization takes its place and each time religion reinvents itself and in a new belief system our Angels appear once more. It’s almost as if they have never left us and really are amongst us, just seeing us through our time watching, waiting even guiding us. Until one day we finally are ready to evolve and take are place amongst those Angel beings in the skies.

As we look back in history we can only begin to understand just after the last Ice Age around 12,000 to 10,000 years ago. As the glaciers slowly receded and the climate continued to change and gave birth to an area known as the ‘fertile crescent’ spanning across parts of what is now known as the Middle East.

The first recorded civilization to begin was Samaria, Mesopotamia dated circa 6,000 years B.C. The Sumerians had left behind an array of unbelievable artefact’s in pictographs and cuneiform; their culture tells us a fantastic story recorded in clay tablets of the birth of man from Godly beings called the Annunaki.

They were depicted as deities winged Angels that came from the heavens down to earth. They brought knowledge of the solar system, mathematics also how to harvest and yield crops. These majestic winged Angels have been beautifully captured in the Sumerian clay tablets for more than 6,000 years. After Sumeria’s decline its influence could be noticed in Babylon, Persia and across most of the Middle East.

Native American Indians could be argued as maybe having the oldest cultural community alive to this day. It is believe they may have migrated to the Americas just after the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago circa. Their culture is steeped in magic and wonder and is beautifully illustrated through their traditional dances, costumes, stories and art, like the totem poles of winged Angels. Their history also tells a magical tale of their connection to the ‘seven sisters’ star group or known as the Pleiades. It is believed they are descendents of these Angelic Beings called Plieadens and this belief has been kept alive over thousands of years through their ancient culture.

Ancient Egypt is one of the most mystical and majestic awe inspiring wonders of the known world. Egyptian mythology and architecture is as mythical and magical as the Angels they worshiped themselves.

You could be forgiven to think that they were constructed by the hands of the Egyptian Deities themselves. From the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx to the fascinating tales captured in the Hieroglyphs that tells of the lives of these great beings that seemed to share their knowledge to the elites of the Pharaohs.

The ancient Egyptian civilization had ruled from around 3150BC and for some 3000 years more up until the Roman Empire conquered Egypt around 31BC. After Egypt’s decline of power its influence can been seen through the Roman Empire, Greece, and Christianity and across Europe.

As we briefly look back at some examples of our history of Angels throughout our historic past of all nations and civilizations, we can only just grasp the concept of the magnificence and brilliance that man has achieved beside his great Deities. Although much of the achievements are scattered in myth and legend history still holds many truths and seems to only release itself when it feels we are ready to understand a little bit more. Though as to influence our beliefs and understanding, our Angels have survived the erosion of time and still remain immortalised in our history and architecture even today.

As we race into the technological era of today with flight and space exploration our understanding of the symbolism of the wings become clearer than say a thousand years ago.

The winged symbol of our Angels is synonymous with Aviation of today. From Commercial and Military Pilots to parachutists and even Astronauts, the winged emblem is a universal symbol around the world.

Could it be so hard to believe that our ancient ancestors had depicted the fact that our winged angels were aviators? That had flown in from the heavens, the sky?

Well thanks to our understanding of space flight the thought of seeing an aircraft in the skies would not faze us one bit now but maybe a thousand years ago it would command an unimaginable impression upon the civilizations that experienced it.

They would be seen as Angels, Angelic beings even Gods that could do the impossible back then flight, and they would have brought advanced knowledge with them.

  • Could it be so bold as to believe that man has had a guiding hand in his past?
  • In building monumental structures even the understanding of the stars?
  • Would it be a devastating fact to know that other beings have shared their time and effort with us?
  • Also is it such a terrible thought or taboo to think they could still be with us?

Whatever you regard as the truth or not our history seems to show us the possibilities as if to say you are not alone and we are with you as we were back then and still are now. The defining point it seems to me anyway is they respect and love us, our free will has never been taking from us and we can choose to believe what we will.


Written by Mark Bennis




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