Raising Others Up

We all have those around us that we love and care about. So, naturally when we experience growth, we want our loved ones to grow with us. Except they don’t always want to come along. This is an area of frustration for many people, especially those on a path of spiritual growth.

Why don’t they see it? The first area of confusion is “why wouldn’t they?” We just don’t understand why someone we love wouldn’t choose our current mode of feeling good. Why we’ve discovered the answer, we think, and I’ve got to share it with everyone!

But the problem is they don’t see things the same from where they are. And words don’t teach anyway. The best you can do is to BE the answer. Or rather, be the example of a happy, spiritually growing person who is connected to Source Energy. In their own time, they will see it, and ask you for help. And voilá: ask and it is given.

You may ask: Is there nothing at all I can do to help my loved ones? Well, actually there are a few things that you can do right now that will immediately impact and help those around you.

One: Appreciate. Find something to appreciate in the people you love everyday. Anything you can focus your attention upon that calls up the quality of appreciation in you is perfect. Doesn’t matter what it is. Because when you are “tuned in” while focusing on them – they benefit. How this works is the subject for another day. Just try it and see for yourself.

Two: Listen. When you practice the great art of listening, your world takes on a new perspective. You are better able to understand your loved one as well as appreciate them. Listening is one of the highest forms of love. Think of the people who really listen to you. Love them, don’t you?

Three: Keep the focus on you. You are the only person you can change. You can alter your thoughts and therefore change your life! This is the great news of our generation and this “age of enlightenment” that we are experiencing. So whenever you are disturbed, even if that disturbance is your observation of your loved one “gone wrong” — turn your focus back to you. Calm your own disturbance and find a way to love and accept more, judge less. And all will surely be well.

Uplifting others is a beautiful thing, but it takes a little finesse to accomplish. Develop these three practices, by doing them everyday and the change in your relationships will not be lost on you. And those loved ones…they will love it!

Christina Watson is a dynamic prosperity life coach. She helps her clients discover their own path to prosperity. Christina believes that every person has the power to transform their world and is committed to partnering with them to assist in that process.http://www.christinawatson.net


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