Meditation & Truth

To truly attain stillness is not an easy task but however, if one were to attain the stage of self realization, one must be a master of stillness. Stillness attained by meditation is the most common way. What is then stillness and what is meditation? What is the link between these two?

When a person meditates, he tries to achieve tranquility and when it is achieved, the mind will be at peace. Being peaceful to the surrounding, nothing can disturb him and therefore, calmness is being practised. Calmness is slightly different from total stillness because a mind may be calm but total stillness is not observed. In practising meditation, calmness may be the first stage but the ultimate aim of meditation is to reach the stage of total stillness. One may see much realization when one reaches the stage of stillness. The realization of Truth will bring out the true self that is well-hidden within the physical body.

There are many ways of meditation. The most common way is mainly sit cross-legged and try to meditate by concentrating on one object. It is better if one can attain a stage of objectless awareness. When one can attain the stage of total stillness, then this same stillness can be observed while sitting, standing, walking or merely lying down. For when stillness is attained, serene will be the mind. Thus, at all times his thinking and pureness of mind are always in the stillness form. Stillness does not mean that there is no action. Though inactive in its tranquil state but it is in this state that everything can be realized.

Some people think that meditation is merely sitting down trying to keep minds clear and blank. This is not true because it is one way to realize the Truth and find their true-selves. Understand that real is unreal, and unreal yet real. Emptiness is not truly empty in its way. Though not empty, emptiness must be observed in certain way. When talking about emptiness, it is very difficult to understand.

All things, whether good or evil, begin from the heart. Everything is the creation of one’s own mind. When a person is sitting down, trying to erase all problems and to attain the stage of calmness, the mind will be the first thing that he must learn to control. In meditation, colors are often sighted, but do not think too much about them. When the color stage has passed, some may think that they see Heavenly Beings or images of such. It may be real, yet unreal. If one sees such images, do not think that one has achieved Heavenly stage for this could merely be a test set by one’s own self. Meditation is not to see Heavenly Beings nor is it a practice for spiritual power. The so-called power is not the ultimate aim of meditation.

Many people see meditation as an art of practising power, power of healing and power to control. If “Power” is sighted at all, then he may land himself in trouble that he does not know. For when one is crazy for power and fame, the heart that should be pure could be easily misled. One must understand that goodness comes from the heart and so does evil thought. Be pure and aim only for the right thing. When one can reach a stage of no-self, and yet one’s true self controls, then one may realize things as the Sages do.

To observe the rules of meditation, one must learn the illusion of the mind, for this illusion of mind may bring one’s downfall. Do not allow the surrounding environment to be one’s fear. The noisiest place may prove to be the best practising ground. If one practises in a secluded place, one is not actually practising. Being in a peaceful surrounding, no noise would be there to disturb him and therefore, it is easier to attain calmness. But, if one is in a busy and noisy place, one’s mind may not be calm at all.

Many people search in the wrong manner. They travel thousands of mile to search for a master who can reveal the Truth and they would search and search for a few lines of utterances that may help them. One may travel millions of mile, get thousands of utterances from masters and even if the right points are pointed out, he will still not attain unless he realize the Truth and follow up by his virtuous action and speech.

The Truth is within and near to you a Heavenly Being is already there. All spiritual places are alike. The only difference is the attitude of the people who are in charge of the place and whether is that place able to transmit the Truth? The Truth is wordless and cannot be explained. Truth, though alike, is accepted differently by man. Meditation and stillness is one way to allow us to prepare ourselves to realize the Truth. The ultimate Truth can be realized suddenly just like when a bell is hit and the sound heard. In Tao it is called the realization and opening of the right portal or divine eye.

Author: T.A Chew

T.A Chew realized that people in the past search for the Truth by walking thousands of mile through mountains and rivers before they can find the right master to transmit the Truth. Some went through years of meditation but yet cannot find the Truth. The Truth is within and by affinity, one will find the Truth. Website:


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