What is deep within you is reflected without, when there is order, harmony, beauty and peace within, it will be reflected in everything you do, say and think. If there is confusion, disorder and disharmony within, it cannot be hidden but will be reflected in your whole life and living.

When change comes, it has to start from within and work out. Then it will be lasting, and nothing will be able to throw it off balance. Do not sit back and expect life to change, but get into action and do something about it. You can start right now by working on your own inner state. You do not have to wait for anyone else to change; you can do your own changing without any further delay. Give constant thanks that you are able to do something about it without any hold-ups. If there are any hold-ups, they are within yourself; therefore you are the one who can do something about them.

Opening Doors Within ~ Eileen Caddy

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