Welcome to Mediums World

Hello and thank you for visiting Mediums World – the world of mediumship.

Mediums World is  for mediums, psychics and spiritualists, for both those who aspire to be mediums, and for the experienced medium. It is for those just setting out on their spiritual pathway or for those who are just curious as to what it’s all about…

It is my intention here at Mediums World to give as much information as possible about the basics of mediumship, in the hope that some of the misconceptions surrounding psychic mediums and spiritualism may be cleared up. It is not my intention to convert or mislead anyone. We all have the right to our own beliefs and the gift of freewill.

I hope that visitors to Mediums World will find the site informative and educational. At Mediums World we will cover such areas as; The Seven Principles of Spiritualism, The Aura, The Seven Chakras, Mediumship (e.g. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience) Colour, Meditation, Spiritual Healing and more…

Please call back from time to time as new and updated content will be added on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mediums World

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